A Circle is Cast, 2020
Publication, photos and archival images.

Let mother earth support you, ground you, fill you up with her divine energy. A Circle Is Cast is about earth honouring witchcraft, a practice that has been passed down to me through my mother and our ancestors. It counters negative portrayals of witches, of innocent women hunted down because the were seen as too different and too powerful, with contemporary interpretations of practicing magick.

Earth honouring and witchcraft are not about hokus pokus, but the fluidity of energy, flowing through our veins, the cosmos and all that walk this earth. It is equally giving and taking from the earth, sustaining an exchange that can be both powerful and fierce or gentle and nourishing. Life and death colliding, merging together in all that is, has been and will be. Interbeing.

Find the continuation of this project in Fever Dreams of a Hermit (2022), Witch Way to Overkill (2022) and Vessels of Home (2023).