Rowan Moonlion (they/them) is a non binary artist, Jewish witch and writer. They are based in Leiden, the Netherlands. Through their interdisciplinary art projects, they aim to make utopian and political fantasies into reality. Their work manifests itself in embodied research, approaching topics like identity politics, belonging and creating community through a queer and pagan perspective.

They sculpt fantastical worlds through photography, performance, video, installation and joyfully craft objects and creatures to inhabit them. Throughout the entire process of creating, they aim to facilitate a space for people to discuss society in an open and honest way. To provide a moment of slowness, an antithesis to the capitalist rush that we so easily get absorbed in. By sharing their imaginations with their audience, they urge people to relate to their humanness together, to start to experience interbeing.


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Image by Texel in 't Veen