Witch Way to Overkill, 2022 

A bus journey, performance, workshop and ritual from Roodkapje to Overkill Festival and back, on 29 October, 2022. For this project I curated the program; I made a care package, hosted multiple rituals, designed a collective altar and shared parts of my current research (Vessels of Home). 

This project was a collaboration between Roodkapje (Rotterdam, NL) and Overkill Festival (Sickhouse, Enschede, NL) and Naomi Moonlion. It was realized with help from: Lucija Gregov, Bødvar Hole, Kristel Rigaud, Angeliek Vermonden, Roos Groothuizen. Marie Janin, Marloes de Vries, Alicia Bretton Ferrer.
Thank you 💜