To The Straights, (2021-2022) is a multimedia project, its contents mingled and bled into writing, photography, installation and performance. Driven by frustration, sadness and a spoonful of hope, the work became a reflection of my experiences as a non binary queer person in the Netherlands.

It is an attempt to start a conversation, with those making living genuinely and openly so difficult. Sharing conflicting thoughts and whispered wishes, often only spoken out loud in private queer spaces. Outing myself in a way that I often keep hidden under layers of masks, desperately trying to fit in, to stay safe.

Everyday we are surrounded by people with completely different lives and opinions from us, yet, we almost never meet calmly in conversation. Whilst I love me some queer leftwing echo chambers, the reality is different.

Through To the Straights, I invite you to listen and share, to create new understandings of the world around us. And perhaps, to encourage you, to share your truths a little more fearlessly. To accept that time can be queer, and does not have to follow an unyielding heteronormative path.
Various versions of To the Straights, were shown at
“What it is, yet a Dream-map,” AQB Project Space, Budapest. (Dec 2022- Jan 2023)
“What it is, yet a Dream-map,” Škuc galerija, Ljubjana. (April 2022)
“A.C.A.B.” Spectrum Space, Omnitemporal, The Hague (November 2021)
“Dialogues in Queer Time” Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. (May 2021)

This project came into existence thanks to: Maria Moonlion, Kristel Rigaud, Merlijn de Jong, Zeynep Yilmaz, Onur Tayranoglu, Sabi Nicholson, Nienke Roth, Ira Grünberger, Marina Heuvelman.